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Factors To Consider While Buying Used Cell Phones

The intriguing ads flexing the capability of a mobile phone on the screen ignite an instant desire to own it.

However, this freshly ignited desire goes down to dump when your eye gazes at its price.

The time passes by without you holding your desired mobile phone in your hands.

And by the time your pocket attains the size to accommodate that mobile, a new cellphone starts flashing in front of your eyes with an even bigger price tag.

What a vicious cycle!!

Here’s The Way Out

Don’t worry. We are here for the exact same reason, i.e., to get you out of your perpetual plight.

We are surely not talking about giving you a penny but an alternative that would land your favorite mobile phone without spending an arm and leg.

Have you ever thought about buying a used cell phone? 

If not, then think now.

Not only will you have the smart tech in your hand before it goes out of the market, but it’ll also smoothly land in your pocket in terms of cost.

Doesn’t that sound very interesting?

However, still, there’ll be a few things that you’ll have to consider before buying a used cell phone. These things would ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

For your convenience, we have listed down those points that’ll help you walk with the most trendy latest technology in your pocket. 

  • Check for it being stolen or Fake

    The biggest challenge with used mobile phones is to save yourself from buying stolen or fake cell phones.

    The only way to check it is the IMEI number. Always look for the IMEI number that is printed on the mobile phone somewhere near the battery port to match what is printed on the box. 

    Note: Phones with dual sim will have two IMEI numbers, one of each sim. In a used pixel phone, you’ll find IMEI on the sim tray and in the settings app apart from the box.

    used google pixel 6 pro


  • Look For Physical Damage

    The term ‘used’ explicitly suggests that it may carry some signs of wear and tear. It can be a minute scratch, dent, etc. So, get your eye on work. Check the whole body. 

    a. Start with the screen

    It is often noticed that some cracks on screens are not visible until the screen is lit. So, turn the screen on and check the display. 

    b. Next, Battery Check

    Though some companies are coming up with models that have unremovable batteries, like used Samsung phones, models are available with removable batteries too.

    In those models, do check the battery to see if it's swollen, if there is any colored stain on it, or in the port it is placed in. And of these, positive means a damaged battery. 

    used samsung android phone

    c. Now, Keypad

    If your mobile phone has a physical keypad, then do make sure that all its keys are smoothly working. To check, open any app allowing you to type and then press the keys randomly.

    If all the keys are working properly, then the keypad is not the thing you should be worried about.

  • Check the Functionality

    Now comes the turn of functionality. It's of utmost importance to check how the phone is working, if the scrolling is smooth or not, if it’s responding slowly, and so on.

    a. The Touch

    In the era of smartphones, touchscreen phones are dominating the market. Hence, checking the touch sensor of the mobile phone is crucial. 

    Let’s take an example of a used apple phone.  All you have to do is to turn on the screen and inspect the phone from different angles. If any crack is there, your keen eyes will catch it instantly.

    b. Speaker and Mic

    For playing your jam or carrying your mindblowing ideas to your friend on call, your used cell phone needs to have a functional speaker and microphone.

    Hence, it's imperative to get it checked beforehand. The easiest way to check both at once is to make a quick call.

    used iphone 8

  • Accessories

    After having a comprehensive check of all the components that can possibly be checked, it is time to look for all the accessories you are getting with it.

    For instance, the charger. Do check that all the accessories being offered are in good working condition.

  • Lastly, The Best Price

    Last but not least, you need to consider the deal in terms of the monetary cost it is causing you.

    Let’s say during your inspection you found any issue apart from what is being told to you; the price offered to you would further get affected. You can surely negotiate it.

Buying the mobile phone of your dream is no more a dream with a used mobile phone. Keeping all the above-mentioned things in check, you’re sure to strike a fab deal on your mobile phone.

Though it is always recommended to buy from a trusted and authorized dealer. Visir Ojaa to buy the latest used mobile phone in excellent condition. Happy Shopping!

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